Digos city food trip


Shuttle Cocks cafe’s dishes
(Digos city, Davao del sur , philippines )


Rice and Creamy beef mushrooms .
Though it has 500 kjl which really distroyed my diet . The over calorie food was worth it.


Mangoes are my favorite fruite among  other tropical fruites.
This mango shake looks mouth watering but not realy something special..


The wierd taste chicken  skin (in a good way) , is something you want to.pair with an ice cold beer and have some unwinding with your friends.
The home made garlic vinegar dip is quite okay it matches the chicken skin’s salty taste…


The cake I’ve  been hunting for so long..
Its realy good it tasted so good forgot I my name (kidding)
Its supposed to be a single order, instead I had two (2).


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